Entering into therapy can be challenging in many ways.

First, you are admitting that you need help.  That in itself is not a natural thing to do.  It is hard to be vulnerable and say,
"I may not need to do this alone -- talking with someone and going to therapy might add to my life."

Second, there is no clear path nor a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Last, you might not be sure what type of therapist or what type of therapy you want.

This is who I am.

I believe in the resilience of each individual.  I think instinctively you know what you want and what you need,
but often times life does not go as planned and we lose our sense of selves.  I will go on a journey with you
to help you find yourself, help you grow to be the person you want, and attain the goals you desire.
Therapy is yours. We will talk about what's on your mind, not on mine.  
I will be very present and am very interactive -- it is a collaboration.

I use my training, intuition, empathy, and occasionally laughter to help us direct your journey
and give you the fortitude you need in order to grow.

Whenever we begin to feel as if
we can no longer go on,
hope whispers in our ear to
remind us that we are strong.
— Robert M. Hensel

I am trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and work psychodynamically, which means we will talk about your past, but we will also discuss your present and future.

I also utilize cognitive behavioral therapy,
which often helps change destructive thought patterns that, for example, impede
rational thinking -- when that happens, anxiety thrives.

I am trained in mindfulness meditation which helps
in all scenarios, partly because it helps
you to be in the moment.  We love to
generalize, fantasize, and sometimes catastrophize.

Being in the moment helps us to be real.